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Pita Galore: Stavros’ Kebab & Mediterranean House

Whoever said “man cannot live on bread alone” was right.

I might have died of bread poisoning this afternoon. A whole lunch without rice stuffed me & Erika up to the brim! We decided to try out Stavros’ Kebab & Mediterranean House in Amigo Plaza Mall today & to say that we were full is the least. Pita bread (or three plates’ worth of it!) really does wonders for the Filipino appetite.

Stavros’ is newly established in Iloilo & will be opening another branch at SM City Southpoint soon. But for now, we decided to take a little trip down the health lane (and Greece) in this restaurant. The interiors were bright & spacey but perhaps needed more accents to give me that feeling of being near Aegean shorelines & sculptured men.

Basically, Stavros’ claims that kebabs are the specialty of the house along with several other Greek fare. As we check out the menu, I see that everything is reasonably priced & the variety is good enough. Their menu lacked description though — not everyone in Iloilo will know what Kofta or Falafel is.

The menu serves the following kinds of dishes:

  • Appetizers such as burgers  &  paninis (Php90-110)
  • Salad & Dip with Pita Bread (Php70-90)
  • Kebabs (One strip only at Php65-85; 2 strips with rice or pita bread at Php149-190)
  • Gyros with Pita/Salad & Dip (Php90-120)
  • Pizza in medium or family size (Php225-450)
  • Pasta (Php150-195)
  • Entrees served with unlimited rice (Php150-295)
We ordered a plate of Baba Ganoush (Php70) — pita bread with a delicious eggplant & olive oil dip that I couldn’t stop slathering over everything else I ordered. Just the right consistency & earthy taste.
Kebabs are of course, next in line as it is but blasphemy to go to a Mediterranean restaurant & not order kebabs. I order a two-strip plate of lamb kebabs with pita bread (Php190) for us. I should have ordered the one with rice instead — too much strips of bread!  The kebabs failed to meet my expectations as the meat was rather thin & tough. The vegetables, which are important to kebabs, were not as juicy as I wanted them to be. The little salad on the side made up for it though, with its feta cheese & two kinds of dip.
Last item that I ordered was a serving of kofta gyros (Php100). Gyros are quite similar to the well-loved shawarma only that it is wrapped in a HUGE piece of — you guessed it — pita bread along with vegetables & tatziki sauce. Kofta, as the waitress informed me, are Middle Eastern beef meatballs with spices. Although large (not to mention some fries in the side), the kofta was too peppery for me.
Most of the dishes in Stavros’ is good for two persons only. But I learned my lesson, perhaps I should order something without pita bread for my next visit. My verdict on the food? So-so. But maybe a whiff of their baklava & other dishes next time might change my mind. In this case, I end this blog entry with a line we repeatedly sung while finishing three plates’ worth of pita bread: too much bread will kill you!
But would I come back? It would have to be a yes.

2 comments on “Pita Galore: Stavros’ Kebab & Mediterranean House

  1. Homa
    June 15, 2011


    • jillianisyourfriend
      June 15, 2011

      Look at the brights side, so many other Greek restos there that are waaay better!

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