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Amular Café: Good Photos & Good Cafe Experience

It’s rare that cafes in Iloilo City are themed — but a new concept which brings together two things I love is in the works. Amular Photography brings a shot of caffeine to their usual business which is photography.

Tucked within the inner corners of Plazuela de Iloilo is a photography studio AND cafe in one. How cool is that? Amular Studio + Cafe is one of the newest cafes in the city which offers something quite different. Aside from a place to display their photo books & slides, they offer a place to relax as well.

Today I visited the place with Micah who, in my opinion, needed sweets & a good laugh. Amular, according to the waiter, opened two weeks ago & is currently on dry run. A studio will be built at the back & will open on May 22 for customers who wish to capture their caffeine-injected moments with their friends & loved ones. Meanwhile, we sampled some pastries & their coffee.

They have a range of coffee made of organic beans as they claim. You can get your espresso, cappucino shake or americano hot or blended in ice with a price range of Php70-110. In our case, we ordered a Cafe Latte (Php80) & Coffee Shake (Php80). The coffee was good but the shake as Micah claims, was too sweet.

They have a small collection of pastries on the menu as well: chocolate, mocha & buttercream cupcakes (Php45-55), lemon squares (Php22), cookies with flavors like oatmeal coconut or cranberry (Php30/pack) & even fresh banana oatmeal bread (Php30).

I ordered a Super Gooey Caramel Pie (Php45) which tasted delectable, but the crust was thin & too flaky. And I like my pie crust kept together thankyouverymuch.

The interiors are very chill but lovely by the way.

You may visit Amular Studio + Cafe at Plazuela de Iloilo between 11 AM – 11 PM. Can’t wait to try out their photo booth!


8 comments on “Amular Café: Good Photos & Good Cafe Experience

  1. anythingyummy
    May 10, 2011

    saw this new place last week and was intrigued. thanks for posting! will check out really soon 🙂

    • jillianisyourfriend
      May 11, 2011

      Grand opening is on May 22. Good place to just chill. Can’t wait for the photo studio/booth! 🙂

  2. Angel
    May 16, 2011

    Oh wow cool place! Never heard of anything like it! Will definitely be trying out their photo booth a la Amelie! Hihi

  3. Angel
    June 3, 2011

    hey jill,it’s me nads!! haha i forgot i used the name angel. anyway, when dw ma open ila photobooth? 🙂

    • jillianisyourfriend
      June 14, 2011

      Ay sus abi ko sin-o! Haha! It opened na! Check it out. Or better yet…we’ll check it out together!

  4. Malz
    December 29, 2011

    Jill, hello! Na try mo na ila photo booth? How much? 🙂 HAHA kag diri na gid nag ask. Lingaw gid ko sa posts mo 😀 Keep it up!

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