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Hui Zhen: More Than Kimchi

My fascination for Korean restaurants have always been about the ice cream & soju sessions. I have always been apprehensive about this kind of cuisine since overly piquant food isn’t really my thing. The closest I’ve come to Korean food is dad’s endless supply of kimchi at home & some spicy instant noodles I bought along for a fieldtrip. Spice in mouth simply scares me to death! But all that changes after an afternoon of sugar overload with my two recent foodtrip buddies: Dave & Inna — plus a very innocent boy with Brandon Boyd hair named Jonas. We decide to eat a meal that is affordable, plentiful & of course, Korean. We chose Hui Zhen in Red Square, Smallville.

Kim’s Bob, another Korean place I go to, also serves several dishes but are a bit too pricey & servings are usually good for one person. All of us were elated to know that Hui Zhen on the other hand, was relatively cheaper as compared to other Korean restaurants. Not to mention the large servings! The menu is limited into rice with toppings such as squid meat & kimchi (Php250-300); noodles such as Kan Zhajang & Woo Dong (Php140-500) & the best part of all, meal sets (Php580-640). We decide to order the latter & what arrived on our table painted broad smiles on our faces. So we pick up our stainless steel chopsticks & gave it a go.

We select Set B (Php610) seeing that it offers an appetizer, two kinds of noodles & a viand: Kimchi with sauce for starters, followed by Jjampong, Sweet & Sour Pork & then Zhajang Myun.

I immensely enjoyed the kimchi as it wasn’t as spicy or had too much cabbage. It came along with several vegetables & a dipping sauce which tasted much like honey barbecued sauce — a flavourful treat. The jjampong scared me the most — a soup with an seemingly fiery broth & long noodles. It amazed me how it tasted so bland yet left my mouth on fire — definitely not my favourite among the four. What made the whole meal worth it however were the pork & saucy noodles! I could live on the two alone. It tasted more like Chinese cooking to me than Korean though, thus my question of the authenticity of the cook’s cuisine. But I continue to chow everything down anyway.

All four of us were panting by the end of the meal & were dying of noodle purgation. But as we paid Php152.50 per head only for our lovely lunch, we decided to eat more & drink more — Korean food that is. Consider us frunk (food drunk)!

Visit Hui Zhen at Smallville’s Red Square. 2nd Floor above Afrique’s.


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