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Tibiao Bakery Egg Tarts: Not Your Teren-Teren

The only time I could eat egg tarts is when a relative brings me home a box of Lord Stows from Manila or Macau. Other than that, I am left to the mercy of local bakeries that produce egg tarts whenever they feel like it.

Lushy, an avid foodie & friend mentioned in a tweet that Tibiao Bakery makes fresh Portugese egg tarts on a daily basis already! It was only today that I happened upon these treats while doing a little bit of grocery shopping with friends.

For a price of Php18, decent egg tarts can now be purchased at any Tibiao Bakery branch. They aren’t as good as Lord Stows since the filling isn’t as flavoursome or the crust isn’t as crispy as I like, but nevertheless good job to Tibiao for adding a bread (aside from their heavenly teren-teren) I’d go back for.

Perhaps you know of someplace I can get egg tarts in Iloilo?


4 comments on “Tibiao Bakery Egg Tarts: Not Your Teren-Teren

  1. easylifestyles
    March 30, 2011

    Thanks for sharing this post

  2. tin cc-ong
    April 2, 2011

    I saw these at Tibiao-SM Jaro! I was curious and wanted to get some but was in a rush.

    I think Carlos Bakeshop also has egg tarts — but I haven’t tried those either.

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