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Nanak Darbar Indian Sihk Temple: Fulfilled & Filled

Anyone care for a trip to India? It’s only a cab or jeepney ride away to Mandurriao at the Nanak Darbar Indian Sihk temple.

I was unfortunate enough not to belong to Prof. Madrid’s History 2 class as I’ve heard they already had a fieldtrip to the place. What caught my attention from the stories however is the fact that the temple gave free food after the tour. So my new-found foodtrip buddy Jeza & I plan a trip one lunchtime with a poor boy who decides to tag along.

Off we go to the temple barefoot & in our bandannas (for religious purposes). We do the tour with the Indian priest whose name I cannot pronounce who leads us into prayer rooms & tries his best to explain Sikhism in a nutshell. After we kiss the carpet & gaze at statues as if we could comprehend everything he just said, I grin  my biggest grin & answer perkily when he asks if we want to eat. And off to the kitchen we go.

They serve us today’s meal in a metal lunch plate with several Indian staples: chapati — a flour & potato flat bread which reminds me of tortilla only starchier, Indian yogurt — very sour & reminds me of expired milk & some Indian chili — when eaten together with the chapati & yogurt tastes quite lovely. They add some warm chai (milk tea) on the side. Would’ve been better with cold milk in my opinion.

After our lunch, we take a look around the kitchen, say our thanks & we check out the goods up or sale outside: butter, flour, tea, Besan & meal fillers. We buy some lado (Php15), another starchy dessert. It tastes like a bland bukayo — probably wanting to counter the strong flavour that Indian meals leave in your mouth.

Still not contented (I love this girl), we cross the street to a tiangge that sells more Indian fare. I am in love with the samosa (Php15) — a big empanada-like bread filled with potatoes, vegetables & spices like coriander I presume. Oh, the crust is so delicious & the sauce that comes with it makes me feel like I’m eating something with meat! I love it. We also buy several Indian desserts which do not appeal too much to me: a sticky ball that glistens with melted sugar (tastes like lech flan) & a strange square pastry that looks like lasagna but again, tastes starchy. Not for those with a sweet tooth.

Like I said, today is quite a fulfilling and filling day. Visit the Sikh temple to learn more about Indian religion — and maybe get a bite or two. Be sure to be dressed appopriately! Another food adventure accomplished!


11 comments on “Nanak Darbar Indian Sihk Temple: Fulfilled & Filled

  1. ayabaw
    March 8, 2011

    Aaaahhhh! Mama Peds and I have to really go here na. Mapractice na kami!

  2. Kris
    March 8, 2011

    I love your blog and the mere fact that you go out of ur way to enjoy food and sharing it with the rest of us. Idol talaga kita,keep it up!

  3. princessjeza
    March 9, 2011

    awwww. new-found foodtrip buddy, i’m happy that your contentment level is also high, we can eat more, enjoy more! haha. love you too! 🙂 ’til our next food trip adventure!

  4. tin cc-ong
    March 10, 2011


    Thank you for featuring this!

    My husband has been looking for Indian food here in Iloilo. We’re planning a “field trip” there next week. ^_^

    • jillianisyourfriend
      March 10, 2011

      That’s great! Have fun! Make sure to visit the tiangge in front of the temple for more ready-made goodies.

  5. Christine Antonette
    April 2, 2012

    hello!..thank you loads for sharing this..i have always been a sucker for indian sweets and im glad that there’s one available here in Iloilo.

  6. Ida Vecino
    March 18, 2013

    I am lucky to have been under Prof. Firmase’s History 2 class because we visited this place! And the moment I took a sip of their take on hot milk tea, I knew I should be coming back for more. Problem is, I don’t know how to get there. I stay around UPV since I’m from Bacolod. What jeepney/s should I take?

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