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Sushi Stupor

I had one of the most enjoyable dinners of my life yesterday with my one & only bradurlover Homa.

One evening, a frantic message from her arrives on my phone & it is composed of words like sushi, halo-halo, numerous exclamation points & cursing. I tell her Friday is reserved for our very own sushi buffet date for two. So off we go to the Grand Dame Hotel‘s Emilion for their Japanese Buffet. Promenade was not an option as my companion goes there practically everyday for her OJT & I, am too broke for their buffet. So Emilion is our next best option (Php470 regular rate; Php330 Manager’s Discount; excluding drinks).

Once we arrive we’re already screaming at the elevator & dining hall door of excitement since it’s been ages since we last ate here. First stop: the sushi bar of course.

I start of with tuna & spam sashimi. I take my soy sauce & wasabi mixture & dip the fish in before I put it in my mouth. I taste waves of the ocean as I chew velvety fish flesh slowly – inflaming lustful hunger for more. Cold & fresh just the way I like it.

I relish the fact that Emilion‘s Japanese buffet has a range of kinds of sushi rolls.I devour them all: california maki, nasiga roll, tori teppanayaki sushi, corned beef fu rolls. My starter isn’t enough. I add a ham & kani salad which unfortunately was too oily &  sodden. But other than that, the sushi definitely makes up for it.

We move on to the meal proper which has the usual Japanese fare such as chicken teriyaki, tempura udon, buta pan furai, tempura, vegetables &  bacon & kani sticks. I particularly liked a crunchy maki of some sort, I forgot its name – but not the taste. Too delicious to ignore!

From top left clockwise: ham & kani salad, grilled chicken teriyaki, my well-arranged & clean plates, main course

After several more rounds of sushi & more than a few plates of Japanese eats, we proceed to the dessert table filled with fresh fruits, cake selections & the halo-halo bar which generates vulagrities from Homa’s mouth. She enjoys her Filipino desserts too much.

In between all the huge bites & small sips, we talk about future plans & my idiotic lovelife. We check out pretty American women & get creeped out at perverts in the next table. We talk more imaginative nonsense & laugh a little too loudly. But then that’s what dinner dates with one of your best friends entails, right?

Emilion Japanese Buffet is available dinnertime every Tuesday to Friday.


2 comments on “Sushi Stupor

  1. 5280ReasonsToEat
    January 27, 2012

    I just started reading your blog…really enjoying it!! I just started my food blog last year so I’ve been trying to get acquainted with the blogging community. Plus, my dad is Filipino, and I miss his cooking, so it’s nice to have my mouth water a bit when I see meals I recognize. I’d love to see more of your family’s cooking!! Keep blogging!!!


    • jillianisyourfriend
      January 27, 2012

      That’s so cool! It’s more of a hobby & stress reliever for me actually. Plus points cos people like reading it too! I’ll be checking yours out too! 🙂

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