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The Magic of Fruit

I am enjoying this whole healthy lifestyle thing that the food industry is promoting recently. Not only are the options plenty, they are super yummy as well! Take for instance Fruit Magic.

Fruit Magic recently opened new stalls in SM City Iloilo & Robinson’s Place Iloilo. I love the way different kinds of fruit are turned into an assortment of juices, shakes, smoothies & a lot more. I’m a person who gulps soda or coffee an average of three times a day – and sipping on something healthy is pretty much a colossal change of heart (and of tastebuds).

I don’t like milk except if blended with ice (quite picky I know), how much more soy milk. But these pretty things changed my mind & preference!

Look at these adorable bottles! Yes I have an fondness for attractive packaging. Fruit Magic’s flavoured soy milk (Php65) is my newest love. I could just sigh & babble over these in an annoying girly way for hours. But I decided to take a sip from the Vanilla (thank you Nads) & Strawberry ones & decided to add milk to my diet then & there. They also have bottled tea (Php60) that I want to check out soon.

On the menu is other things such as pure fruit nectar, shakes, fruzion (combination of fruit flavours), frugurt (fruit juice & yogurt) & just plain juice within the price range of Php50-225. This is in accordance to several sizes: 12 oz, 16 oz & 22 oz.

I also drank a melon shake (Php50 for 12 oz). It was not as sweet as I expected but maybe it’s because I’m sipping health, not sugar.

Fruit Magic also has food available such as:

  • Pasta (Php75-205)
  • Wraps (Php105-145)
  • Salad (Php120-160)
  • Sandwiches (Php70-150)
  • Pastries (Php40-45)

I’m definitely not a health buff but this stall will have me buying bottles & bottles of more soya milk. And maybe some wraps every now & then.

Visit Fruit Magic in the Lower Ground Floor of SM City, near a staircase & the Ground Floor of Robinson’s Mall.


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