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Seafood In The City

It is very rare that the “better” seafood restaurants can be found within the realms of the city proper.

Villa is usually the place to be in Iloilo City if you want your seafood fresh & delicious. Ever heard of Breakthrough? Yeah that Breakthrough. Where your uncles insist they celebrate their birthdays or where your family brings guests from outside the country. Corny family reunions, tubs of talaba, kilos of pasayan &  the beach breeze — you get the picture. But now Breakthrough brings the seafood to the city.

Ponsyon is Breakthrough’s newest restaurant venture. Sure they’ve put up Dapli in food courts & at Valeria, but a full-scale restaurant with the works is quite different. Located at Plazuela de Iloilo, Ponsyon is the newest go-to for seafood in the city. We went there for an uncle’s birthday (see!) & this is what Ponsyon has to offer.

The interiors are modern-Filipino as opposed to the bamboo structure in  Villa. The variety of food on the menu is more or less the same.

Buko shake, kilawin shrimp & tangigue, sinigang & all dishes fresh & lovely are available for prices at Php350 maximum per plate. This is in exception to the fish, shrimp & crabs bought by the kilo, of course. In all honesty, the food we tried was a little bland & lacked the different nanam as compared to the preparation in Villa. Perhaps the ones there are fresher? Or the salt in the air makes the food taste better. But I couldn’t help but notice an addition to the menu: Paella. They had it in the regular kind & some Paella Negra (it’s squid ink, not to worry).

Again, this proves that the original is always better. I’d still recommend Breakthrough in Villa. Not to worry, Ponsyon gest extra points for location, service & interiors.


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This entry was posted on January 30, 2011 by in Food.
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