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Dinagyang 2011 at Plazuela de Iloilo

And it’s that time of the year again where streets are closed, streamers are hung, fireworks are all over the sky, drumbeats resound, revelry is present every corner of the city. Dinagyang is indeed here once again!

Aside from the overflowing parties & celebrity gigs, food stalls line the main streets of the city & parking lots of the biggest malls. Not to be outdone, the newly opened Plazuela de Iloilo has it share in the Dinagyang festivities with its own food fest as well.

The scene at Plazuela

I have been present in food festivals all over the city every Dinagyang for as long as I can remember. And the elements are pretty much the same: chairs & tables decked out, food stalls in every corner, a band or DJ playing, fireworks, a celebrity performer perhaps & of course, tons of people. It’s a fun way to be a part of the festivities. But really now, I’m mostly here to eat.

Of course, my mother bought our multiple plates of food from the usual: Hong Kong Kitchen, Ocean City — these sort of restaurants. I discovered new places to eat though, and I enjoyed every morsel.

Phil’s Diner is a kiosk-only restaurant run by a cousin of my friend Homa. Their family basically has cooking oil & lots of recipes running through their bloodstream. This one-time diner (only available for the festivities sadly!) is no exception.

Phil’s basically serves American grill-type food such as fries, cheeseburger melts & chori-burgers. Homa highly recommended the Buffalo Wings (Php80/pcs, Php150/8pcs) which I absolutely loved. A tad spicy but has waves of flavour bursting in your mouth with every bite. I like eating them on their own but pairing it with rice does well. I also ordered a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich (Php80) which was delicious although the bun was too large for it’s fillings which in my opinion, lacked.

Cafe Mama Pacita is another story (or stall). TIf you could remember the former Cilantro Bar in The Avenue, this is their newest business venture. This little order-only cafe decided to try its luck in the food stall business. They sell lovely pastries which are creative & unusual.

For the food fest, the stall served several beer-marinated food such as Beer Bratwurts (Php125), Beer Chicken Fillet (php80), BBQ Beer Pork Belly (Php125) & Spicy Chicken Kiev (Php150).

Since I was full at the moment, I decided to buy Beer Cookies (Php30/5pcs) & Hershey’s Secret French Kiss. (Php125/6 pcs). The  cookies smelled like beer but tasted sweet with a bite. Perfect actually. The French Kiss was kind of crumbly but as far as kisses went, it was good. I’ll try to look into their menu & order more goodies! If you’re interested however, you may visit their site here or look for Cafe Mama Pacita‘s page on Facebook.

And the perfect way to end the night after discovering new food & a full tummy? Fireworks. Lots & lots of fireworks. Dinagyang food festivals don’t get any better than that. Viva Senor Sto. Nino! And viva to my growing belly!


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