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German Bavaria: A Repost

This is a repost from my (now obsolete) Tumblr. I used to write my reviews there but then moved to my beloved WordPress.

This exchange of tweets made me remember this post on German Bavaria around a year (and then some) back. Here I go!

“I would like to say Guten Tag & hello to another great gastronomic experience today. Managed to squeeze in a late lunch at German Bavaria amidst the limited budget & the not-so-limited things I have to stuff up my head this week before finals actually happen. I have been dying to pay the place a visit since my friend’s Marketing Management paper on the restaurant last year.

It’s quite hidden from the rest of the world as it is tucked within the streets of Seminario Street in Jaro. But once you enter its realms, you’ll find a quaintly decorated restaurant with interiors that make you say bitte & danke! The skinned boar on the wall got my attention the most.

To make the story short, Jillian & company ordered dishes that we couldn’t pronounce or spell. Basically some alfredo & sausage.

  • The PastaPenne in alfredo sauce with a very distinct vegetable flavor. It was good & the size of the past was relatively larger than others. We couldn’t finish scoffing it up! And I thought I could finish it. It came in tow with sesame seed covered breadsticks that were so good with the pasta. Good for two.
  • The SausageGerman Bavaria’s specialty is sausages & they certainly did not disappoint! The sausage platter we ordered had five sausages along with mashed potatoes & the heavenly sauerkraut (the only thing I know how to spell & pronounce) or as we Pinoys call it, achara. It was so good. Recalling the tang & aftertaste is making my mouth water like Pavlov’s dog times three. The main course & the two side dishes went so well together that I am raring to try more of their sausage platters the next time. All dishes good for two people.

The pasta

The sausages

Total bill? Php425 only (with regular drinks). For an authentic German experience, full tummy & a very content palate, I can say German Bavaria is worth it.”


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