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Ka-pow! Siopao!

Siopao is an on-the-go snack familiar with most Filipinos. Originally of Chinese origin, these steamed buns are named Baozi — a snacktime favourite in Thailand, China & of course the Philippines.

In Iloilo, Kong-Kee & the legendary Roberto’s are the queens of the cult of siopao eaters (okay there isn’t really a cult but you get the idea). It is delightful to learn however that a shop which specializes in native pasalubongs are beginning to be recognized for siopao as well. Perhaps you are familiar with that jingle on the radio? “Piaya, mamon, piaya, mamon, kag biscochooo!” Yes, I am talking about “Deeeo – Deocampo!”

Deocampo’s is famous for – what else – piaya, mamon & biscocho as well as barquillos, galletas & all things stuffable in your pasalubong box. Siopaos from the humble store beside St. Clement’s however, might be making its way into the jingle soon.

At Php20, a siopao from Deocampo’s is satisfying & delicious. What I like about it is that there is an equal portion of dough & filling. It’s fine without sauce but it is up to siopao aficionados to judge. For me however, it is an inexpensive & yummy way to make your day. Try it yourself!

P.S. A little birdie told me to try their coffee too. Soon!


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This entry was posted on December 30, 2010 by in Food.
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