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Griller’s Oyster House

I have been soo deprived from eating out this holiday season as meals were celebrated inside people’s homes. Not that I’m complaining — home cooked food in my family is always delicious. However, the bucaneer in me refuses to stay stagnant. Thus my whining led my family & I to try Griller’s Oyster House in Smallville.

Griller’s is a place I have been raring to try for several reasons: (1) I need to eat somewhere new, (2) I need to write on someplace new for my blog, (3) I love oysters or better known as talaba. I was surprised to know that Nong Ryan (cousin of my cousin), is one of the owners of the place. Now, a little information before I dish out my opinions. The specialty of the house is (duh) oysters. With our region being abundant with talaba, it is no surprise that a specialty restaurant was put up.

The menu consists of the usual favourites such as backribs (Php280, good for 5, yummy marinade) & sisig (Php105). Their selection of talaba is to-die-for while the prices will keep your wallet alive.

  • Baked Talaba – Php78
  • Steamed Talaba – Php45
  • Sizzling Talaba – Php115
  • Hot Chili Talaba – Php78
  • Crispy Fried Talaba – Php108
  • Talaba with Bacon – Php118

Their baked talaba is pretty good whereas the fried one is my favourite as of the moment.

Fried Talaba

Baked Talaba

Service is excellent as well. An added plus: at 10 PM, Griller’s becomes a bar — outdoor seating with mats, a DJ & lights & all. What’s the perfect pulutan to pair up with your beer than talaba, right?

Happy tummies

Visit Griller’s Oyster Bar in the Vertex Building at Smallville Iloilo. Below the lovely Blush Me salon.


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