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A Sweet Dream: Cupcakes By Sonja

Serendra is one of those places you usually wouldn’t visit when you go to Manila but most fortunately for me, I did set a ballet-flat upon it.

Serendra is located at The Fort – and since Irene had to go to a classmate’s condo at that area for her thesis, she decided to drag me along. However at the last minute, I decided to be dropped off at Serendra/Bonifacio High Street. The last thing I remember Ice telling me was “I think you’ll like it there.” And she sure was right.

Pastry shops galore!

Artisan bakeries, ice cream parlors, wineries & all things crafty in the food world. No fast food or regular restaurants in sight. All eateries were of food that took time & artisitc value to create – little things that I appreciate the most. Walking around alone brought quite a smile to my face – and the Christmas music amidst the colorful landscape added to the effect. The first store I went in, no holds barred, was Cupcakes by Sonja. Again, I gasped. Yes I do that quite a lot with restaurants.


So many cupcakes, so little time

I read about this cupcakery in various blogs & articles in the paper & magazines & I was for real inside! With its rows of decadent cupcakes & brownies, my eyes were treated to more eye candy with its ultra-sweet decors. A multiplicity of cupcakes greet me: Banana Walnut, Peanut Butter Nutella, Lemon Drop, Creme Brulee & Red Velvet among others. I pick a Vanilla Sunshine (Php55) – a Cupcakes classic with its buttercream icing.

A slathering of buttercream

Taking a bite

I am tempted not to eat it but I take a small part of it with my fork & my eyes widen as I feel a pillow of soft bread on my tongue. The frosting is NOT gritty as I expect most icing to be – it’s surprisingly smooth but very, very sweet. People with a sweet tooth will definitely love Cupcakes. Albeit being a little to pricey for a pastry, you can definitely taste the richness of the ingredients used. Serendra is the perfect place to eat lovely gourmet cupcakes & have alone time. Consider me in cupcake love.


4 comments on “A Sweet Dream: Cupcakes By Sonja

  1. Kia O.
    December 5, 2010

    I can see the red velvet cupcakes!!! ❤

    • jillianisyourfriend
      December 6, 2010

      Lovely aren’t they? Dulgie’s here in Iloilo has a yummy (and cheaper) version as well.

  2. ER
    December 6, 2010

    waaah! would love to stop by there the next time i visit manila 🙂 tfs jill 🙂

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