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Give Us Our Daily Buns

Initially, my plan to pay a visit to Daily Buns was because I heard that macarons were sold there & that they were quite delicious too.

So one afternoon, I casually invited along some freshmen friends to go to the bakery with me after our class since I was dying of loneliness — and being hungry as well, they agreed. When we arrived, I scanned for hints of colorful pastries. None. I asked the saleslady & she pointed out macaroons. Again, I want to pull my hair for people’s palpable confusion over macaroons & macarons. But I make the most out of the situation — & eat nevertheless.

Leni & Faye: companions for the afternoon

I find out that since the last time I went to Daily Buns, a whole new display shelf & menu items were added to my delight. I love Daily Buns for its very homey interiors & good food. What I like best are their sandwiches (try their BLT & Buns Special for around Php95) & milkshakes (the vanilla one is my favourite).

This time, I order their Hungarian Sausage pasta (Php85) along with a blueberry muffin (Php25). The size of the pasta couldn’t satisfy the chasm that is my stomach, but it was dripping with flavor — I couldn’t tell if it was heated. As for their muffins, not only do they look cute & are sold at a good price, they taste quite luscious! More flavors to try: Lemon Poppyseed, Corn, Cheese.

Hungarian Sausage pasta

Cheese & Blueberry muffins

Daily Buns is located beside Studio 28 along General Luna Street in front of the flyover near University of San Agustin.


5 comments on “Give Us Our Daily Buns

  1. Pat Espinosa
    December 20, 2010

    I don’t know if you already know this, but there are parisian macarons sold at Nothing but Desserts. Went there earlier with anika 😉

  2. jillianisyourfriend
    December 30, 2010

    Patreesha, thanks so much! I have yet to find the time to visit. After the holidays perhaps. Credits to you!

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  4. tin cc-ong
    March 7, 2011


    I share your frustration regarding the extra “o” in Macarons — (at Nothing but Desserts, it’s with 2 “o”s)

    But I’ve made my peace with it na — if you google it, both are accepted spellings for said dessert.


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