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More Frozen Yogurt!

Needless to say, a Katy Perry song popped in my head as soon as I heard the name of this new frozen yogurt franchise in Iloilo City.

See you at the lower ground floor at SM!

Undeniable, check! Fine, fresh, fierce, check! Another great yogurt experience, check! All yogurt has more or less 2% of fat — but not this one. California Berry promises 100% no fat & has absolutely zero calories! Not that I care, actually. Finally I can get my cheesecake & granola fix! Premium toppings, please.

My favourite: granola & cheesecake

California Berry

What I like best about California Berry is that their array of toppings is just crazy. Imported chocolates, Mrs. Fields cookies, fresh fruits, cheesecake, cereals, gummy bears — everything delicious to top off health in a cup.

Another wonderful thing is that the yogurt itself does not melt easily & is not at all soggy which leads to a better yogurt experience (in comparison to Yogu or Cremee D-Lite). What other people would not like however, is that the yogurt tastes like actual yogurt. Most restaurants or food stalls adjust their food’s taste to the Filipino palate, but California Berry stays true to yogurt’s sour taste (which in my opinion is totally fine). Not only that — their yogurt has two flavours to boot: original & a flavour for the month (for this time it’s Strawberry). Pricing is as follows:

Original/Flavoured falvours respectively: Small costs Php60/65, Medium at Php85/90 & Large at Php115/120.

All toppings cost Php20 each. Not bad! Grab the opportunity to grab their opening promo: a medium cup with three toppings for Php115 only!


2 comments on “More Frozen Yogurt!

  1. ayabaw
    November 19, 2010

    Oh Jill. I thoroughly got famished after going through several pages of your blog. You do fantastic work here. Keep eat up! (pun intended)

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