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And I’m not talking 2 PM, Super Junior or any Korean pop star here! Bnj‘s blog does that for you. 🙂

I on the other hand, shall be talking about Korean treats! The other day I decided to go out of my way to purchase something cold & sweet. Not ice cream nor yogurt — it was a Melona ice cream bar. I remember the first time my Korean-crazed cousin Irene made me try this during high school. It was so strange to me. A popsicle indeed, but the texture was of ice cream: rather pliable & malleable with every lick, suck or bite (okay this sounds kinky). A nice treat if you want something different.

There are quite a lot of varieties of Korean ice cream as you can see.

A throng of ’em

The infamous Melona

My favourite among the lot has to be Melona though. Melona comes in different flavours: banana, mango, melon & my favourite, strawberry. It costs Php50 but is very well notable for its wondeful texture (I swear it’s a little piece of nirvana) & uninterrupted strawberry goodness.

Cold & sweet treat

This is just perfect for days wherein you want to satisfy your craving for ice cream on a hot Iloilo day yet try something different. These Korean popsicles & many more may be found in Kim’s Bob Korean Grocery & Restaurant — located within the streets of Paseo de Iloilo below Robinson’s Place. Aside from my ice cream, I bought myself a cup of instant noodles from KB’s shelves as well as some Soju for a little rooftop treat with the lovely Nica.

The shelves of Kim’s Bob

Getting sozzled


2 comments on “K-Poppin’

  1. Looooch
    November 19, 2010

    I must agree to the “winner” texture of their ice cream. I have tried the coffee flavored one which is above the strawberry melona ice cream on the first photo. It’s HEAVEN. It doesn’t melt rapidly and the exterior or like the crust is very tasteful and thick. Also, another coffee flavored which is beside the melon melona has a rich flavor which is advisable for both coffee and ice cream lovers.

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