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Old-School Burgers

Classic American diners usually concoct images of interiors of stainless steel counters, swiveling high-chairs & vintage memorabilia. Other than this, diners usually serve breakfast, hotdogs, milkshakes & most especially, burgers.

Burgers have long been a fast-food & diner classic. It has even taken gourmet form (have you tried a Wagyu burger? HEAVEN!) — a far cry from its humble beginnings in Germany. This sandwich has attained widespread popularity throughout the world — Iloilo City included. Before McDonald’s or Perri Todd’s — there was Glor’s Broadway Burger. A small (almost) diner-type restaurant located in downtown Iloilo City.

I’ve mentioned Glor’s in a previous post — on how it is owned by an American married to an Ilongga. Since 1974, Glor’s served classic burgers often served with different condiments, but of course, Filipino snack-sized. I was shopping for some things for my Halloween costume downtown & got a bit hungry so I decided to drag Nikki along to the place for a quick snack.

Vintage all around

Glor’s isn’t much, really. But the framed broadway posters & playbills (autographed!) really get to me. Turns out that the owner is large theater buff of some sort. Along with the visual feast, they serve pretty good burgers too. At Php25 you get a regular burger with meat, relish & sauce of your choice. Cheese burgers, double burgers & double cheeseburgers are available — and the most expensive one is at Php100 only. Size is indeed small, but personalizing your burger makes up for it (ask for “the works“).

My regular burger with the relish I oh so love

Glor’s Broadway Burger is located along Unitop’s strip (near Hwasiong) & is a little out of the way, but a surge of nostalgia & good relish keeps me coming back for more everytime.


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