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I Love Salad!

I could be a rabbit of some sort you know. Lately I have been adding salad to my must-haves every meal time in search for an (almost) healthy diet. What can I say? I love my vegetables. I love my dressing. I love salad. So what more could satisfy my craving but a salad buffet at Joey Pepperoni?

Joey Pepperoni isn’t all pizza, but is now veering towards a more health-conscious track seeing that people are more into healthy eating these days. I saw a huge “Salad Buffet!” signage outside more than a month ago & was dying to try it out. Now is the time!

The details: for Php150, you get an eat all you can salad buffet with an array of veggies, toppings, macaroni & dressing. Along with that is some lovely soup, bread & iced tea. Not bad indeed! However, Joey Pepperoni serves this buffet on Fridays from 2 – 10 PM only. The variety could use some more work but everything was big on flavor which gave the buffet plus points. Check it out, fellow salad lovers! This salad buffet might not be staying for long.


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This entry was posted on October 29, 2010 by in Food.
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