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Iloilo Chismax

No, this post isn’t about the who’s dating who in Iloilo or a column for trash talk. Or an Iloilo’s Got Faces extension. It’s more of what’s coming soon in the developing food scene of our thriving city. I’m pretty excited for these babies! Are you?

Amico’s Pizza

Pizza lovers rejoice! Amico’s Pizza is a pizza company soon to open in Smallville. Hopefully some good pizza yeah? In order for this one to survive the competition, their pizza needs to be really really good.

Padi’s Point

Padi’s Point is a national food chain & is reportedly going to open in Plazuela de Iloilo. My cousin owns their branch in Dagupan & from what I’ve heard they’re doing relatively well. I wonder if Iloilo will bite?


Ilonggos are definitely into the health-conscious track as Amigo Plaza Mall houses a Mediterranean restaurant soon: Stavros’. Excited for kebabs! And if they’re affordable as they say they are well then, bless me.


A new branch of Jollibee is going to be located, in all places, Smallville. The Bee parties with everyone when it opens soon near Smallville 21 Hotel, so I’ve heard. I don’t know if a Jolly Hotdog would go well after downing a couple of drinks.


Iloilo finally gets a taste of the world famous Starbucks soon in SM City Southpoint. I am personally concerned for their welfare & longevity in the Iloilo market though. Indeed Starbucks makes some good coffee, but Ilonggos are not willing to pay a large amount for premium latte. We’ll see.

Photo sources: Sorry if I haven’t specifically mentioned them, just foundthem on Google.


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