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New Kid In Town: Jaq’s

Personally, I am at a point where I am experiencing certain tedium with Smallville. I am not an avid fan of hardcore partying at this point in my life when Flow was once located in the front strip & where (used to be) high school students like me showed our hedonistic side. What goes into my vocabulary now though is sit, have some drinks & lots of laughs (and a little business talk) with some friends. Slightly, ehem, mature fun.

Good thing my lovely friend Amanda along with her brothers Jay & Quito, re-opened their franchise of David’s Tea House as a new music lounge & bar. Smallville, say hello to Jaq’s. The joint first letters of their names, quite obviously. Their new venture fits in with their music & party loving lifestlyle. I was fortunate enough to be invited at their opening night along with some friends & I liked what I saw, heard & tasted.

Being the ever gracious hostess, Bey (nickname) handed me a menu & racked off their specials (although what I had was for free yay) – a fusion of different kinds of cuisine. The menu is priced quite inexpensively with a range of pulutan favourites, appetizers & meals ranging from Php60-Php200. As for the night, I was able to sample the following:

  • Molo Blanca – Your usual white-sauce pasta but instead of meatballs, they used pancit molo balls! Very filling & is really yummy.
  • Pork Satay – This barbecued pork dish is a Thai favourite of mine. At Jaq’s, their satay comes in big chunks and is served in pairs. The sauce is the flavor I’m looking for – hints of creamy peanut but savory.
  • Chori Burger – Chorizo in a burger? Made possible! Instead of your usual beef patty, a healthy chunk of chorizo takes is place. Although the bun was falling apart in the bottom, nonetheless it was delicious.
  • Chili Flautas – Not for the weak. I took one tiny bite & I felt a slight conflagration in my mouth! I am most definitely not a fan of spicy food but those who enjoy heat in their tastebuds will certainly like them – spicy, flavorful & great for drinking.
  • Chocolate Dipped BroasJaq’s is complete with dessert. They have soft broas smeared with lots of chocolate with a side serving of vanilla ice cream & something syrupy. I have yet to try their halo-halo fritters.

As for drinks, Jaq’s serves the usual bucket of liquor that one might find in most bars. As for plain cocktails, Php60 is well worth it. Jaq’s serves drinks in moderately sized pitchers for less than Php200 as well as a couple of specialty drinks too.

One thing I love about the place is that live music (and good music to boot) plays as soon as it opens at 5 PM till the wee hours of the morning. As my friends and I were screaming to a Joan Jett song and being wistful & senti at a Vertical Horizon one, I thought to myself hey, this could be their strong point. Being in a band myself, it’s a great opportunity as well for virgin bands to get exposure as well as have fun. Same goes for music lovers & jammers as well. In addition, the interiors are modern & fresh which adds to the scene of youthful revelry.

All in all, congratulations Treñas family! Jaq’s is a great place to indulge your sense of sight, taste and hearing. Indeed at Jaq’s, every hour is happy hour.

P.S. I added a photo gallery so as to cater to the numerous pictures some of you might like to see 🙂


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