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Evergreen Bakery: Found At Last!

Funny how in the most dismal situations, food always recovers my outlook & disposition.

I remember the month of May. I was repeating my Trigonometry subject which I miserably failed (again) & in the afternoon, commuting to Toyota Motors for my internship which is kilometers away everyday for two months. In between that, I was dealing alone with the possibility of Mama having breast cancer with no one to hold on to since Dad is away & everyone just seemed so preoccupied with so many things. Luckily, everything ended up okay. In the middle of the bedlam of events, I distinctly remembered certain bread I was eating while waiting for Mama’s results to arrive. It was a chocolate chip bun from Evergreen Bakery – crispy outer dough with custard filling that tasted so good it haunted me ever since.

Best thing since plain bread

I asked around & attempted to look for Evergreen Bakery but to my dismay, I never found the time (or the right jeepney). But my friend Sernil saves the day & tells me that it is located near Robinson’s & Sta. Teresita Parish. So one day I drag Nica along once more & as she pants & sighs while I agitatedly search for Evergreen. Even in her tired state, she sees it first & I couldn’t help but almost scream. Finally, after four months!


Upon entering, I see the rows of bread & I order a couple. I have to say the Pizza Bread (P22) & Chocolate Chip Bun (P25) are what I highly recommend. Most of their savory bread is great for satisfying pangs of hunger while their sweet buns go really well with coffee. Believe me, an afternoon of searching along De Leon Street is well-worth it. Find Evergreen Bakery in front of Queen City Garden Mall along De Leon Street. All in search for good bread!


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This entry was posted on September 27, 2010 by in Food.
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