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Baby, I Lied

I lied. The boredom with food was all a lie. I ate enourmous proportions of food today as well as indulged in my favourite dessert of all time. But I have a perfectly good reason. As soon as I heard the news from Homa that a frozen yogurt place FINALLY (yes, all caps, bold & italicized) opened here in Iloilo, I was floating in the air the whole day & absolutely couldn’t wait to try it out. Behold: Yogu!

Isn’t it just adorable?!

Not only that, it matched with my outfit for the day. Heehee. A little piece of information: the shop is actually made of a truck container van which is why the place is a little constrained on space. I was enjoying my solitude & eavesdropped (accidentally, pramis) at the conversation of the owner & waitresses. I noticed that they were speaking in Cebuano. I later found out through the waitress & Homa that Yogu originated in Cebu & was (thank god!) bought here in Iloilo.

Everything yogurt, they say

Their yogurt though is something worth trying as it is just the right consistency — creamy & plain just the way I like it. Very commendable & worth the price for me. What I like about Yogu in contrast to Creamee D-Lite is that it it thicker & the sour undertone from yogurt isn’t as noticeable. They also have a wide selection of toppings to choose from: Toblerone, Chocnut, sprinkles & so much more. I also like the fact that smoothies & crepes are available in the menu.

The price is a bit hefty for the usual Ilonggo budget with P100 per regular cup including toppings. All items are priced P70-135 but depends on the order you picked. For my first visit, a Nutella Crepe with a serving for yogurt on the side (P105) was for me. The yogurt was heavenly but I had a bit of trouble with the overly crisp crepe. I loved it though.

Nutella Crepe on a rainy afternoon

So stay healthy & get addicted to yogurt like me! Visit Yogu beside Pirates Restobar in front of The Avenue. Please Ilonggos, don’t bankrupt this one. I need it in my life.


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