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A Sip of the Desert

Ilonggos are rather business-minded persons who have new establishments popping out here & there. One of these novel businesses that I happened upon is Desert Frost which is a smoothie bar. The first of its kind perhaps?


The (so-called) desert


Desert Frost is found inside the building beside Biscocho Haus near Assumption Iloilo. I was excited upon reading “smoothie bar” but was (to put it kindly) let down upon entering. It needed work on its interiors – lots of it. But I decided to shrug off the state of the place & decided to order anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to know that all smoothies cost P35 & were available in a wide assortment of flavors with very, um, sadistic names such as Mango Fury, Chocolate Slave or Suicidal Buko Pandan. My companion & I ordered a less violent Cookie Monster & a slightly brutal Bubble Gumma Ray for ourselves. The smoothies came in a beer mug with jelly bits & a chocolate wafer stick (even with the gum flavored one which was strange). They tasted insipid as too much ice was most likely used but a bit of mixing did good to its taste.


One of our concerns however, was the way the servers treated customers & answered them rudely.

Me: (Seeing “hookah” on the menu) Ay ho, may hookah sila! Diri lang gina gamit Nang?

Server: Ano? Shisha?

Friend: Um amo man na gyapon Nang.

Friend: (Seeing flavor name on menu) Nang isa gani ka Bubble Gumma Ray.

Server: Ah. Bubble Gum.

Friend: Amo man na naka sulat sa menu Nang.

Oh well. But yes, the place rents out hookahs for use at P150 & serves snacks in small portions at the price range of P35-P50. Desert Frost isn’t a place I’d highly vouch for, but is noteworthy for its innovation. But if you like cheap food & don’t mind sparse surroundings, you might like to give it a try.


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