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Pastries For P10? Possible!

Who knew baking groceries had surprises up their sleeves? If you never stepped inside any store that sells baking goods, you probably should. The warm smell of vanilla, the rows of cupcake-colored things & huge slabs of chocolate. Baked goodies in its raw form, a sight that exudes happiness. That’s what I feel everytime I step inside Roger’s Trading Center in Tabuc Suba, Jaro.

Baked & non-baked goodies

For a fact, I know that Roger’s sells stuff like cake boxes, bottles of food coloring, icing flowers & such. But who knew – they bake pastries themselves! Upon entering the store & looking at your right, a small display refrigerator greets you with rows of different kinds of pastries. Sprinkled cupcakes, topped brownies, creampuffs – lots to choose from. The best thing is yet to hit you: everything is for P10 a piece. Yes, delectable petite cakes at a price that’s right. For P50, I was able to choose from an array of things:

  • Mousse Topped Brownie – People with a penchant for all things super sweet would love this.
  • White Chocolate Frosted Cupcake with Sprinkles – I normally never think of eating anything with white chocolate but it looked too cute to be passed up. Fluffy at first bite but gritty frosting though.
  • Grated Nut Topped Brownie
  • Marshmallow Topped Brownie
  • Revel Bar – Ooey, gooey & chewy, this one remains my favourite among them all.

P10 each!

Omg sprinkles

I was also browsing around & decided to be my old self & buy useless things that are aesthetically appealing say, sprinkles – a cup for P20-100 depending on the kind. For less than P100, consider my sweet tooth satisfied!


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This entry was posted on September 9, 2010 by in Food.
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