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Grand Towers Food Express: Not So Grand

By the time the end of classes roll around especially on Tuesdays & Fridays, my stomach’s growling is a loud reminder of why I shouldn’t have taken four classes straight for this semester. No choice, though. My noisy & empty digestive system brings me to look for places to shut it up. Today it brought me to the streets of the city proper & to be more specific, at Grand Towers’ Food Express. Kind of like a sosyal food court for Iloilo City. To read on all fuction rooms & the third floor restaurant, click this link.

Moving on. Grand Towers is the restaurant of the Iloilo Grand Hotel. I’ve always been jabbering in a former post about how much I enjoyed their buffets especially their Mongolian Rice & their desserts such as Mini Cheesecakes or the Peach Mallows. Albeit my good reviews of Grand Hotel‘s food, my visit to Grand Towers was otherwise the opposite. I happily hopped in & saw their Mongolian Rice Bowl Meal that cost only P90 & it even came with a softdrink. It was around five o’clock & to my dismay, the rice chef (okaay) wasn’t available at that time. I was beyond disappointed! So I heaved a heavy aw-man-I’m-really-not-getting-my-Monglolian-rice-fix-today sigh to make the waitress feel guilty & decided to order other dishes.

What’s inside

So I decided to order a serving of lomi noodles (P50) & quail egg dumplings (3 pieces for P45) with my regular Coke. Foodtrip partner Nica ordered a buko pandan (syempre, I was the one who ate it in the end) & pork sparerib dumplings (P45). Unbashed opinions coming.

Afternoon delight (except for the one in the middle)

The lomi was horrible. The soup was bleaugh & the noodles were ngeork. I’ve had enough experiences with wanton noodle soup that left me disgusted therefore I vow never to order another bowl again! Thank god for the buko pandan which was beyond creamy. Malapot, I’d say. And the siomai was actually pretty good – tender in all the right places with the right texture of the wrapper.

General opinion? I was expecting more but hey, I will return for the Mongolian Rice bowl. I must. Check out Grand Towers in Iznart Street fronting the new location of Avon.


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