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Weekend Diaries

It’s very rare that the family has time to actually take a trip together as my parents are workaholics & school schedules clash most of the time. Luckily, last weekend was a long weekend due to a holiday. Dad impulsively booked a flight for Manila & visit Subic. The two-hour ride was smooth. We’re always lucky to have a car & weekend house at our disposal wherever we go thus, easy travel at all times.

Signs along the way

While at Subic, we visited the very cliché Zoobic Safari & Ocean Adventure as well as the sights on the roadside. Subic is a lot like a small town in the States with their traffic & infrastructure. We went shopping & everything was even priced in dollars. Anyway, Papa took us to a few places to gorge in & Chef E’s Resto Al Fresco was one of them. A casual bistro which serves the usual steak, salad & pasta dishes. I particularly liked their Chef’s Salad (P150) which was a large plate of my favourite veggies along with strips of ham, some egg & croutons with a pleasurably tangy vinaigrette dressing. I am beginning to veer away from Asian dressing as my usual request. I ordered some pesto spaghetti but it was a tad too dry yet oily for me. I liked my brother’s fettucine alfredo – doused in buttermilk & parmesan & topped with some parsley – which was heavenly.

Dreamed of the dressing today

Mmm buttermilk

Another thing I like about Subic was their groceries — each one a mecca of all things that Iloilo lack such as pop tarts or powdered alcohol (yes, just add water). While waiting for Mama to finish buying a million things, I headed over to S&R which is like a small food court within Royal Subic. I ordered a huge pizza slice (P99) & a large soda (P39) & ate it later at the house.

I pig out in my PJ’s

In Manila, we gorged on the conventional: Wendy’s for their Baconator, Pepper Lunch for some Beef & Chicken Pepper Rice, Qoola for some froyo & Cinnabon at the airport for some chocolate covered cinnamon rolls topped with Macadamia nuts at Mom’s request. Pigging out on all things quick & indulgent runs in the family.


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