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Magnifico Pizzaro

Again, I have been reffered to a new place & therefore, I forced my parents to eat with me. As always, they were saying “Diin naman na ya nga hilit-hilit?” or “If it’s still Japanese, we’re not eating there!” But I assured them that tons of people told me this pizza place was particularly good.

Pizzaro is an Aklan-based (I asked the owner) pizzeria located in front of San Agustin Gym. It was a quaint (but lacked ventilation) little place which serves pizza that does not disappoint. Pizzas are reasonably priced with a range of P200-900 depending on the number of slices. Double sized pizzas come in 6 slices, group size in 8, gang in 20 & super gang in 30 (!) square slices. For my first visit, I ordered a gang-sized all-meat pizza that tasted so good I was literally whining for more much to my mother’s annoyance.

Interiors & my first visit orders

For my next visit, I ordered a double Formaggio El Aglio (garlic & cheese) & an appetizer – Pizzoto Pizza Sticks in Tatziki sauce. The pizza was dripping with cheese & according to my lovely friend, the sweet & cheesy taste was wonderfully pleasant to the tongue. The pizza sticks (P60) were abundant & the sauce was light & complemented them.

Sticky cheese!

Quite addicting

Pizzaro’s pizzas are guaranteed to delight – dripping cheese & a wide array of toppings & sizes to choose from. I am dying to try their Greek pizza: herbed cheese, tuna & olives. They had me at herbed cheese! My sweaty armpits & upper lip could not stop me from visiting this place again & again & again. But then I could always consider my pizzas to go.


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