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Books & Coffee at Book Latté

My initial taste of a coffee-library place was Crammer’s Café at General Luna Street. I loved their S’mores & mixed drinks & the “school vibe” of the place – perfect for study sessions outside school. But pricing changed & schedules change too, so I left the studying at cafés thing & opted to stay in my room with a liter of Coke till the wee hours of the morning. But recently, I decided to try studying outside school or my room.

I discovered a little place named Book Latté which is owned by a certain Dr. Jardeleza. It’s located at the corner outside Robinson’s Place Iloilo just outside the National Bookstore entrance. It’s the most adorable little thing, really. It reminds me of an understated Dulgies with its pastel interiors.

Perfect for studying

I am happy to discover all the things in their menu is below P100! Coffee, cakes, everything. If you happen to crave Krispy Kreme donuts, they are available individually at the café. Something different for dessert? Why not try their alcoholic cakes? I tried the Black Forest Brandy cake (P95) & it was really good. Slices were tiny though. Their Pure Chocolate cake (P90) was a bit too pricey for its size, in my opinion.

Their coffee, on the other hand is what I love best. Book Latté has specialty flavored coffee available hot, iced or frapped. I have tried their Iced Dolce Latté (P75), Marshmallow Latté (P75), Butterfinger Coffee (P60) & my favourite, the Rich Cherry Latté (P80). All flavors taste like the real thing! Next flavor to try: Cheesecake!

Oh the things you find in Book Latte

Find out for yourself what this café has to offer you. Nica & I are becoming members of their book club soon!


2 comments on “Books & Coffee at Book Latté

  1. lordportico
    September 26, 2010

    I tried it out last night. I only heard about it this week. Lol. I didn’t even know it’s been there for months. My bro and I tried all the non-alcoholic cakes by halving them. I think the Rhum cake was the best.

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