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Run Now, Eat Later

I posted this blog entry on my old site about how much I love the combination of a buffet & breakfast food. Perhaps I’ll post it some other time. Just want to share another breakfast adventure of mine.

Last Sunday, Assumption held its Centennial Fun Run & my business partners (yeeh) and I planned to sell shirts as early as 5 AM. The “fun” in fun run was underrated. It was so much fun; they could’ve called it a revel or amusement run for all I care. Free coffee & food, loud music, friends, confetti – the works. More photos in my Multiply site.

Scenes from the Fun Run

To cut the long story short, after all the sweat, looking for change & pictures, we decided to grab some breakfast at the nearest Jollibee. But when we drove by Maki, we saw the large “Breakfast Buffet” signage & drove back with amazing speed. For P150, we were able to eat from an array of adobo rice, grilled eggplant with salted egg (heaven), sausages, lumpia & other Filipino viands. And a lovely egg station as well where you could choose if you’ll have an egg boiled, scrambled or omelette-ed. Drinks were exclusive though, I had to pay for my red iced tea. Food could have been cooked better as well but hey, a buffet for P150 isn’t everyday.

What’s left of our plates

Sorry for the crappy focus

All the six kilometers that my friends ran gone to waste in not just one sitting, but three.


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