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Heathly Treat

I’ve always had a thing for frozen yogurt & I am always willing to try ay flavor with any topping & spend hundreds of pesos on a large cup of what, to me, is happiness. With a large cup of froyo — toppings or none, I am happy. I always make sure my visits to Manila entail a hunt for frozen yogurt. I especially love the creamy kind with chunks of cheesecake, granola or muesli. Sprinkles do the trick too! I’ve been storming heaven asking God to bless Iloilo with the glory that is froyo. My prayers have been (slightly) answered. The dakilang mall of Iloilo, SM City, now has a frozen yogurt stand beside Yukashii at the food court!

Some of the stuff I’ve tried

Finally, Creamee D-Lite brings their soft serve ice cream to a whole new level. Toppings are limited & the yogurt needs some work, but this’ll do for a while. Quite cheap too: a kiddie cup costs P45 (super bitin though) & a large one costs P80 if I am not mistaken. Oh well. After all, it’s not everyday that my complaints are answered in a flash.

Will have to do at the moment


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This entry was posted on August 10, 2010 by in Food.
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