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A Little Peek

I wonder why I have to download around thirty songs a day? I don’t really listen to all of them. I most likely get a huge kick from finding or listening to something new — and discovering something amazing in the process. Really into a lot of indie & ambient tracks lately.

About three-fourths of my gut tells me that when Starbucks opens, half of the people will probably be fake-bag toting persons with overly applied blush-on & highlighted layered hair. And blue contact lens.

I cannot comprehend the fact why I complain a lot about things such as — confetti. Pure waste of words, saliva & brain cells. But I do it again. And again. Thinking about its actual lifespan & usefulness. Is it six seconds? Why spend so much time & energy over minute pieces of paper which end up being swept away & dumped into a trashbin? Why? Why! Why.

Can’t get enough of Ellie Goulding & Two Door Cinema Club. Can’t stand postponing my Skins marathon. Can’t wait to don my high school uniform. Can’t stop addicted to the shindig.


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