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Tales of Sugar

Aside from Calea cakes & Pendy’s napoleones, Bacolod City has so much more to offer foodies like me. Being the sugar central of the Philippines, they should. What would they do with all that sugar anyway? Of course, add them into delicious pastries & desserts!

Mom & Dad went to visit Bacolod for a half a day. I wanted to go with & just eat, eat & eat. Sadly, the word school interferes & all my dreams of eating pastries & organic salad went down the drain. But my being glum turned into ecstatic jumping when pasalubongs came my way. Mama has a knack for always knowing what to bring home without even asking. The usual boxes of Pendy’s & others were welcome. But to my surprise, Mama went to a place I randomly mentioned this month.

Felicia’s Pastries is newly established as I have read from one of my favourite food blogs. Mama bought home their pie of some sort. Pork Floss I presume?

Tiny pie

But mother dearest gets extra points from bringing me home macarons. My initial tastes of these lovely desserts were during a fancy dinner party at my aunt’s & ones from Bizu in Manila. That was a long, long time ago. Macarons are different from macaroons. However, the presence of coconut & sugar is definitely there. Color, yes – but this time on the pastry itself & not on the paper wrapper.

A little crusty on the edges though

Almond & ganache cream whaduup!

Felicia’s macarons sell at P37/piece. Not bad considering its size which is quite large for the usual macarons. The taste in my opinion is a tad too sweet & I feel like a whole bottle of food coloring was doused to get that supersaturated color. Nor were they as carefully prepared as the ones in Bizu (crumbling at the sides & center). But nonetheless, a yummy & über cute pastry to look at & consume.


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