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Manila Gorgefest

Stuff that I, uh, stuffed inside my mouth for my Manila weekender.

Dinner: Pepper Lunch’s Beef Curry Pepper Rice – I doused mine with honey sauce for ultimate deliciousness.

Dessert: White Hat’s Original Flavor with Granola & Cheesecake toppings. The granola was a little piece of heaven.

Breakfast: Bread Talk’s Tomato Danish (surprisingly sweet with the glazed tomatoes on top of the pastry) & UFO (saucer shaped bread with a puffed cream filling in the middle).

Lunch: John & Yoko’s Cosmopolitan Japanese cuisine namely Salmon Belly Sashimi & Oyster & Au Nori (surprised with the oyster & nori filling inside a chicken finger-like dish). Enjoyed their green, blue & red tea!

Dessert: Red Mango’s Regular Flavored froyo with Blueberry Sauce & Cheesecake toppings. I adore cheesecake & frozen yogurt so much that if I’d happen to have a lot of money, I’d put up a franchise in Iloilo with my cousin! Swear!

Side drink: Irene’s Fuzion Smoothie in Flamango, a peach & mango concoction.

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2 comments on “Manila Gorgefest

  1. momiarlene
    July 16, 2010

    when did you go to Manila?

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