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Need A Venue?

Pulling out your hair thinking of a venue for your next party? Well, there’s The Venue for you.

This isn’t a pilosopa answer, mind you. (e.g. “Did you find a venue for your party yet?” “Yes, at The Venue.” “I thought you already found a venue?” “The Venue gani!” “Ano man?!”) Smallville’s The Avenue recently opened up The Venue to the public – a multipurpose function room open for parties and gatherings of all sorts.


Taking a peek

What makes The Venue different? For a minimum fee of Php15k, you could rent out a place good for 50-200 persons. And the great part: you may choose the food for your party to be catered from any restaurant along The Avenue, consumable of your Php15k! Be it Bauhinia, Mojave or Terra. For another Php15k, a mobile bar care of Club Aura is available too. I wish this was already put up on my 18th birthday. Would’ve made things easier. Check out The Venue, located beside Mojave, for more details.


2 comments on “Need A Venue?

  1. Hena
    June 20, 2010

    Hello! I’m Illongga too. Nice knowing you. 🙂

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