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Destination: Roxas City

A few days before the new school year kicked in, my friends and I came to a decision to haphazardly jump on a ceres bus to the land of seafood: Roxas City. It was one of my more gastronomically enjoyable trips yet. Talaba, kasag & piles and piles of seafood were in vignette images embedded in thought bubbles whilst I was sitting on the bus and watching a Celine Dion concert DVD. We arrived and were greeted by my favourite ex-couple (haha), Nadine & MR who, by the way, decided to drive us around town.

Now, Roxas is known as the seafood capital of the Philippines. We were pretty excited when we approached the baybay wherein stalls of seafood eateries were lined up. Nadine picked Alma’s and when asked why, she reasoned out “Kay amo ni pinakadamo pili-an kag barato sila.” Good enough reason for me. We were greeted by rather profane women and topless waiters. We loved it already.

Lunch Set

  • Steamed rice
  • Barbecued gizzard & pork
  • Grilled inasal
  • A tub of talaba (As Homa puts it, “Manong tuod bala nga tag P25 lang?”)
  • Two tubs of diwal
  • Pasayan
  • Some things I forgot

The total lunch bill: Around P700 only. And the diwal was excellent and succulent.

Roxas cuisine

After seeing a couple more sights, I pleaded to check The Wayfarer out since I always saw it in photos. The place was indeed a little piece of paradise with the palm trees and its very relaxed view of the sea. We ordered a couple of glasses of drinks, talked and took photos.

Lastly, I decided to buy more food (yes, I am a pig) from a Yellow Box. Aptly located within a subdivision, they served all kinds of pizza plus a couple of burgers. The downside however, is that it was expensive (around P260-400) for homemade thin crust pizzas. And the place isn’t really conducive for lazing about on a hot summer day. But the large strips of bacon and ham that almost choked me more than made up for it.

Kids along the beach bars

There were a looot of places I would have loved to explore for its food, but due to time constraints, we had to leave early much to our disappointment. In conclusion though, Roxas is a place we would love to spend our money on. We’ll be back, Roxas! After all, eating local cuisine is the best part of traveling. Photos stolen from our lovely hostess. Will post more photos soon.


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