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The Mooon Café Experience

A Mexican inspired restaurant is in town and you have got to try it one of these days! It’s fast becoming everyone else’s favorite.

Do you by any chance, remember Japino at Paseo de Iloilo? Most of us probably do. We remember it as the restaurant we never tried. Well, at least I do. A Japanese-Filipino fusion restaurant with rather unsightly interiors, I must say. I am most happy that a decent restaurant finally took its place!

The wonderful interiors

Mooon Café basically serves Mexican food and there are several things I love about Mooon: their interiors, the food and the not-so-expensive prices! I leave you to try what you like. I highly suggest ordering their appetizers and the Sun Cooler (pitchers for P80 or P140).

My first lunch set: Uno Quesadillas, Mozarella Chicken Melt, Mooon Steak, small pitcher of Sun Cooler.

What I had for lunch

What I had for lunch


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