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Snacking At Blue Jay

It’s such a shame that Blue Jay at Smallville had to close down. It was the place of many an afternoon snack, power lunch or an after-hours sip. I am not exactly a fan of their coffee mixes and pastries. Too bland for me. However, I love their sandwiches, pasta & assorted drinks. I truly think these are one of the cafés that are worth my penny-pinched cash.

As of today, Blue Jay has two branches: near San Agustin and at Amigo Plaza. I personally enjoy visiting the spot at Amigo because of its wonderful atmosphere and aura of privacy. I used to hoard their Kiwi Lemonade, but now that that’s out of stock, I sip on the Strawberry Lemonade or Raspberry Iced Tea instead (P65). They have several smoothies I’d like to try soon. For snacks on the other hand, I like munching on their Forest Ham & Cheese (P95) and Olio (about P130) pasta (the one with pesto). And for dessert, some fudge, most probably.

All-time favourite combo

Relaxation and good eats under one roof. That’s Blue Jay for you.


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This entry was posted on June 3, 2010 by in Food.
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