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Food Court Dining

SM City is the no-brainer place to go to if you want to do everything under one roof: shop, stroll, and my personal favourite – eat. There is a wide variety of places to choose from. But when KFC just doesn’t cut it out for you anymore or if snacking at Café Laguna is too expensive, I highly recommend the Food Court.

Recently, I have been the most marot person I have ever been. No mercy! I have been (overly) bargain-savvy because I’m in dire need of saving money. Thus I succumbed to packing my own lunch or eating at places that don’t cost anything more than P99. Yes, I have a rule now that spending P100 is punishable by starvation on the next meal/snack. This path has left me to rediscover the Food Court. Sure, it’s gutok and the lines are horrible. But it is sanitary enough and the variety’s pretty good.

My favourites are the House of Panini (I mean come on, P49 for two paninis!) and the sushi cart beside the Pizza Hut kiosk (P80 for pieces of regular California Maki, what a deal). There’s a new kid in town though.

Nadine pointed out Lava, which sells Mexican food. Burritos, nachos, fajitas, everything. But catering to the Ilonggo market, they serve their viand with – rice. Not exactly good for those who are conscious of their carbohydrate intake. But nevertheless, the food is pretty okay for a restaurant located at the food court. All combo meals are priced between P69-150.

Dry burrito, wet burrito and some java rice for P89

Next Mexican restaurant to try: Mooon Café located at Paseo de Iloilo.


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