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Sweet Escape

Birthday cakes are always a hassle to look for since we all want a cake that is visually appealing and delicious. One of the discoveries I want to introduce is my friend’s bakery: Sweet Tweets. It’s a home-based operation wherein Kaka & Tita Grace create cakes by appointment. They actually charge less than commercial bakeries & the cakes come out more adorable and personalized (yes, you get to have a say on how you’d want your cake to look like).

For my birthday, I specifically told them what I wanted: a simple two-layer cake with cupcakes in a mod orange & brown design. It was awesome. Nibs liked it so much that for her surprise party, I had one done for her in a similar design in red & black.

Our birthday cakes

For her daughter’s birthday, Tita Grace created a full-body mannequin & yes, everything was purely cake & icing, no kidding!

The amazing body cake

Visit them at 22 Maria Clara Street at Aurora Subdivision, the house in front of Esca’s Garden Restaurant. Contact number 335 01 88. Fellow blogger Nadine & I are such fans.


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