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Caper Berry

Most of the time, I find out about restaurants from blogs or through word of mouth. Caper Berry however, is a restaurant I read about in the features section in one of Iloilo’s newspapers a few months back. It wasn’t until recently that I had the time (and cash) to pay a visit to the restaurant with Homa since she says I owe her dinner. Fine, then.

I got lost at first, but found out the place’s exact location beside AM Builder’s which faces LaPaz plaza. The place was cozy although I expected more from a self-proclaimed international cuisine restaurant. What I did not expect though, was the very very VERY hospitable owner’s approach towards me, the customer. The couple was so wonderful to us, asking if we wanted extra sauce or water without a trace of kaplastikan. But let us discuss the food.

The interiors

Excerpt of the menu

Caper Berry serves two divisions in their menu – simply snacks and main course meals. The pricing was inexpensive and the servings were huge. I ordered some Chicken Kam Pao suggested by the waitress which is a dish of sizzling chicken chunks in Imperial sauce, I believe, with some rice for P120 only. Homa on the other hand, ordered a sizzling seafood dish for P145. It was a lot. Very worth your money – and I couldn’t finish the whole sizzling plate!

What we had for dinner

Anectode: We were pretty curious on why the place was called Caper Berry so we asked the male owner.

Homa: Ngaa Caper Berry haw?

Owner stands up much to our surprise & explains in a very lengthy presentation-like manner in an amazing English accent. Something like this.

Owner: Oh because it’s one of our main garnishes in all our dishes. You know capers? A caper berry is the bud.

Both: Aaaaah.

Upon going out.

Homa: Indi ko ka stop smile sang ga explain sya.

Me: Me either, ka cute siya.

If you like big servings and wonderfully nice service, then this is the restaurant for you. Definitely a next time for Caper Berry!


One comment on “Caper Berry

  1. Junnjun Mendoza
    July 29, 2010

    First time ko ni kabati nga place ah…Will definitely check this out!

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