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New Club In Town

Something new! A new club is welcomed into Iloilo’s club scene & I had the chance to check it out last weekend with my friends. Club Aura is the newest club in Smallville & is a welcome change from the usual party places in the complex.

Club Aura

It has the usual P150 entrance but has a better feel than most clubs due to it’s different interiors & vibes. The place is filled with bar tables, high chairs & comfy couches with colors of pink & purple. Is this the new fad? My cousin’s restaurant has the same colors as well. The atmosphere is very conducive for drinks & a good laugh with friends rather than dancing your heart out. We were sitting in the VIP section alongside a glass covered terrace & interchanging dimmed lights & it was pretty cool. I loved the DJ booth. The music was definitely much better than Flow‘s tribal-techno spins.

The scene

For the drinks, they served cocktails P110 & up per glass. But for groups, they serve pitchers of yummy concoctions named Zombie or Wild Orgasm for P395 or P495. I have yet to try their pulutan which is comprised of pizza & such.

Anecdote: I was out with my friend Nadine & we joined our friend Em who didn’t tell us she’d be bringing her breakdance friends with her. It was pretty embarassing being among b-girls & b-boys who were getting their cipher on on the dancefloor. Thus Nadine & I drank about a whole pitcher — & had fun after.

Check out Club Aura, located at The Avenue above Coffee Break & Terra. Stairway located at the back area.

Photos from Viewfinders. I’ll find time to post our photos soon. 🙂


One comment on “New Club In Town

  1. Nadine
    May 20, 2010

    HAHAHA! -is all I can say!
    And oh yeahhhhhhhh, love ko na club aura!!

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