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Rising From Oblivion

I missed week’s worth of reviews, I know. But my schedule hasn’t been kind to me. But nevertheless I am here!

No restaurants visited due to budget constraints & a lack of time (and company) to do so. But Mother’s Day was quite special. I had lunch with the Ita-as family at Lolo’s & the spread this year was a good mix of garlic chicken, lechon de leche and all things fattening & delcious. My mother’s coconut-pineapple punch included. During the evening, Papa & I had reservations for Emilion. The initial plan was at Promenade (darn!) for lunch but because Big Boss a.k.a. Lolo called for lunch, plans were moved to the evening much to our dismay. Emilion‘s food doesn’t appeal to me at all. Their Japanese Friday buffets are good though. But the rest? A big heavy sigh of dissappointment.

Next on my list is Sawasdee‘s Saturday buffet & Terra for Meditteranean cuisine. Saving up for that. And looking for company too.

P.S. I got to vote on the 10th! Most of my local candidates won whereas the national level is a big dissapointment. Like Emilion. But all in all, this year’s elections were good. Hooray for automation!

P.S.S. Deciding whether going to Manila for some shopping & bonding time with the cousin over the weekend or to Bacolod for some backstage pass lovin’ during Bacolod Fashion Week with Quayne.


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