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Not Your Usual Thin Crust

Is this my third post on pizza? But then, almost everyone loves pizza as there is always a topping for everybody. The usual pizza chains in the city namely Shakey’s, Yellow Cab, Sbarro & etcetera are just so – usual. I have tried some pizzerias however that suit the Filipino taste and budget (economic recession has its effects on dining out). I happen to like thin crust pizzas rather than a regular crust since I don’t like the feeling of being seemingly stuffed with dough. Thin crust pizzas satisfy just as much & I wrote down a couple for you to try.

  • Afrique’s Four Cheese Pizza

 Afrique’s is home for the infamous Afrique’s Special. But other than this, they serve a pizza that is definitely worth trying. They have a four cheese pizza positively stuffed with mozzarella, parmesan, blue cheese & (insert other name of cheese that I forgot) in one thin crust. Cheese overdose is not for me since I have a thing against consuming too much dairy. Nevertheless, this one made my cheese intake increase in one sitting. At P260, it’s really a must try.

Four Cheese please!

  • Birdhouse

I finally tried out the pizza at this place since Micah & Irene were saying about how good it tasted. Birdhouse is located at SEBA & I one day, I decided to try their version of the Italian pie. For P50, I got a thin crust pizza good for one with four slices. Nica commented on how much better the crust is compared to Al Dente’s which is too crunchy. I tried the Mexicana one (with ground beef) & I looked for the Tuna flavored one that Irene mentioned – but I think it was sardine flavored that she meant. It was good but I wouldn’t recommend a Birdhouse pizza for mealtime. Snack time would do since it’s a very small pizza.

Arriba Mexicana

  • Love & Kisses

People forty & up always mention Love & Kisses as the hippest place to get a pizza – back in the 80’s. Ask your parents, aunt, uncles or older cousins – they could attest to the popularity of Love & Kisses. Of course we do not expect anything too grand since this pizza is made to suit the Ilonggo taste, but I enjoy the creativity of how they name their dishes. There are also several uncommon toppings such as shredded eggs but they taste surprisingly complimentary & at home. There are several branches in the city, but the most accessible is the branch near San Agustin. Several sizes and even servings per slice are also available to fit any budget.

Some pizza lovin’


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