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My Friend Homa

I have a friend named Homa Shabestari & she is forever love. As she is probably reading the first sentence, I could picture out her already wide eyes getting wider & that high pitched voice saying “Brad ano ni?!” Thank me I won’t post your photo cos I know you’ll have a heart attack. Well, Brad, I just wanted to say that this is not an essay your teacher would make you write during the second grade judging by the title. This is, however, a blog entry on how much I love eating at your house.

I love eating at Homa’s. Seriously. It could rival any restaurant with the airy & wonderfully lit outdoor dining area facing Tito Reza’s (that’s her dad) masterpiece: their garden. Aside from the overflowing laughter over all things senseless & the appetite inducing atmosphere, there is also Tita Ging’s (the mom) ever so bubbly presence which makes Homa die of embarassment. But the food makes every visit to the Shabestari household a constant “yes” to every invitation for dinner. All our friends could attest to that. Sometimes it’s eve made more special by Homa who makes the food herself. Ay grabe Iron Chef (inside joke)!

My favourites include the sushi & omelettes for breakfast. Yum.

Sample plate during Homa’s birthday: a healthy serving of sushi, herbed bread & Asian salad

Yesterday, a few of us were over for an impromptu dinner. “Us” consists of your truly, Irene, Erika & of course Homa. Dinner was great as usual. We had the following:

  • Pasta
  • White sauce with salami & bacon bits
  • Chicken fingers
  • Two kinds of dipping sauce (tomato & cream; pesto & cream)
  • Achara (“Tag P40 lang na, tilawan nyo gid“)
  • Coke Zero
  • Yemas (“Sorry gid tig-a“)

Nothing of great relevance, really. Since this is a food blog & I enjoy writing about all kinds of food, I’ll write about the kind I enjoy the most: made & shared by a good friend 🙂


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