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Recipe: Cheap Chips

During our Enterprising class last semester, we were divided into groups & tasked to put up our own booths for a school event. Being the aspiring tycoons (and pigs) that my group & I were, we decided to sell snacks that we, ourselves, would make. For the week, we had steady sales & exceeded our expectation for profit. One of the contributing factors could have been our chips & dip which cost P15 only. The chips were relatively large & the dip was abundant. How then, our classmates asked, could we afford to sell our merchandise for a very cheap price?

Well then, I’m here to ruin our entrepreneurial secret. It’s the chips. They weren’t chips at all. In fact, they were fried pancit molo wrappers! We actually got the idea from our friend Par who celebrated his birthday last year. I was the one wondering what his alternative taco shells were so I asked the househelp. Turns out, they simply fried whole pancit molo wrappers & laid out a few ingredients for toppings & they were quite good. For our chips however, we cut the squares into triangles (thus the large profit) & fried them. Violá, big & savory chips.

Pre & post processing of our chips

I like to do this at home as well by frying my chips & eating it with my favourite salsa while watching my films. Try it sometime. Photos stolen from Nadine Diamante’s Facebook album.

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