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Top Five Cookies

A List: Top Five Cookies

Cookies. Who doesn’t love them? Did you know that cookies were created by accident? They were supposed to make little cakes but then ended up with tiny ones as prototypes. Thus cookies were born! And This must have been one of the best kitchen accidents yet.

  • Keebler Soft Batch Cookies

I am all for anything with chocolate in it, more so the chewy kind. This is by far the most addicting & is the chewiest of them all. Keebler has these chocolate chip cookies which are amazingly chewy when taken out of the (large) packaging. You also have the option of making things more delicious since these are microwaveable as well. For P159 a pack, you get four rows of around ten cookies. Not bad right? I usually ask for this as a gift & the giver gets a kick out of the inexpensive price & my overflowing happiness. Jumping up & down included.

  • Oreo Double Stuf

Oreos are forever on everyone’s list aside from the quintessential Chips Ahoy. What I love most about Oreos is the pleasant combination of two plain chocolate cookies sandwiched between a yummy cream filling without being too saccharine. It’s the filling that does it for me. And what’s more favorable than double the filling? That’s exactly what Double Stuf gives you – double the cream. Sweet, sweet sugar rush.

  •  Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookie in Apple & Cinnamon

I beg to disagree thinking the former cookie I discussed is the best when paired with milk. For those who say Oreos and milk are perfect together, then they haven’t tasted Quaker Oats cookies yet. I usually prefer my chocolate more than anything else. But an apple & cinnamon cookie is just too good to pass up! So one day I decided to try a pack of the new cookies mom brought home from grocery shopping. I liked what I tasted, thus I grabbed a box of fresh milk (it just tasted like it had to be eaten with it) & finished the whole box. Now they have to hide it from me every single time so I end up buying my own supply.

  • Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chunk

 Between Pepperidge Farm & Mrs. Field’s, I somehow cannot tell the difference. But after several taste tests, the difference lies in the chunks. Mrs. Field’s chunks are HUGE. Like slabs! And you know how I (redundantly) love my chocolate. I could choke on the chunks themselves. Well they should be, they’re pretty expensive.

  • Dulgies Flourless Cookie

 How could a cookie be a cookie without flour? But it is possible. Dulgies made it possible. I was quite surprised when I was at my favourite pastry shop for a brownie fix when “Flourless Cookie” caught my eye. So I decided to order a piece & I was amazed at how the cookie was about the same size as the plate. Not only was the size amazing, but in addition, the price as well (less than P50, my dears). Not only that, but it tasted really good too! For a quick sweet tooth satisfier for less, this cookie is the one to chew on.

The miracle that Dulgies managed to bake

Limited photos only, sorry 😦

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