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I’ve been so busy with everything that I totally neglected my blog. Some updates regarding everything around me before I get into the nitty-gritty (or so I think) of my write-ups. I tried a different layout this time hoping to add some color to my seemingly bland site. Also, I apologize for the short, shallow & almost picture-less entries. I’ll find a way to de-crappify my entries ASAP!

  • What has been keeping me busy you ask? My internship at Toyota Iloilo & summer class which is retaking of my Math. School is not cool during the summer. Although I have to admit that my past two weeks working at Toyota under the Vehicle Sales Department have been a ball because the people I work with are tons of fun. And did I mention that I get to be fed almost every 20 minutes?
  • Just got home from half a day with my favourite friends: my cousin Irene, Homa & Erika. We had lunch at this nearby talabahan (will blog about this later) & hung out at Ice’s place just eating & talking. Our usual round table libak-session, I mean, discussions.
  • Brothers came home from fencing class. I don’t know what to think. They have a couple of wounds but it’s all good.
  • Desperately in dire need to shop & give myself a social life. I’ve been drowning in schoolwork for the past months & I haven’t been to any party or even gone out to dinner. I’m dying. I already cancelled two vacations & yes, he blame is all on me. Sadly, my past summers have all gone by too swiftly.
  • Bought a couple of jeans over the weekend & had quality family lunchtime at one of my favourite restaurants. I miss Papa. Constant bickering aside, he’s a really missable father. Lucky him, jetting around several countries while we melt of the Philippine heat.
  • Feeling a lot better about myself lately. I try to be positive regarding everything that’s happening to me. Despite everything, God is still good. I managed to maintain my weight & downloaded the latest MGMT album so everything’s pretty peachy right now.

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