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Must Try Dish: Al Dente Pizzas

I have a weak spot for Italian food since the day I was born, maybe. There’s nothing like good ol’ pasta, risotto or pizza to liven up my meal time. I have probably aforementioned in my past blog entries that Al Dente is one of my favourite restaurants of all eternity for its excellent food, service & prices. Mama & I have a penchant for their thin crust pizzas as we oftentimes just tell the driver to drive us to Sarabia, hop in the restaurant a order a couple (yes, a couple) of pizzas for ourselves and the family. But mostly for ourselves.

Pizzas cost around P150 for the ones without meat & about P200 & up for the ones with meat. All of the pizza toppings are put atop a fragile biscotti-like crust and are all delectably cooked & flavored. I have two favourites: firstly the Chicken Barbecue Pizza, which has chicken strips & chunks, cheese, onions & spring onions; then the Mushroom, Tomato & Sausage Pizza which is a meat-lover’s heaven without being overly unhealthy. You have to try Al Dente pizzas. They satisfy without letting your waistline scream for mercy.


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This entry was posted on April 26, 2010 by in Food.
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