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Must Try Restaurant: Freddy’s American Bar & Restaurant

If there’s one thing that my family agrees on when picking what restaurant to eat in, the decision is mutual: there needs to be good steak. Out of the many places we have decided to dine in, a family favourite remains after trying several steakhouses & many plates of steak later. Freddy’s is the first plate that comes to mind when Papa mentions the magic S word. Aside from the steak, Freddy’s offers a variety of American food that is pleasing to both the tummy and pocket as well.

 The thing I love about Freddy’s is that you can stuff yourself like a queen even when your are on a budget. The diverse menu has lots to choose from both in aspects of price & food preference. One of my favourite appetizers is the Cheesy Potatoes (not sure of the name), which is about 3-4 large wedges of potatoes with melted cheese, garlic & bacon bits on top. For P99, I could live on this alone! Their burgers are to die for as well. Not as big as a Perri Todd’s burger, but moreover savory & large. The prices range around P150-200. Surprisingly, you could order a pizza (8 slices) for P200, no kidding. But of course, these food choices are applicable to my personal budget (read: allowance), but the other selections are gastronomically amazing on another level. The must try is their steak. Really.

Yummy cheesy potato wedges!

Another thing I love about this place is that it’s a great place for drinking! They have the usual promos for beer, but their mixed cocktails and drinks are the superlative of all bars that serve drinks by the pitcher. The best part is that it costs for less than P200. You have indeed read the price right. And the atmosphere with the dimmed lights, awesome music & kitschy memorabilia on the walls just makes the place authentic & very, very cool.

A wallful of kitsch

I love Freddy’s. It’s a great place to unwind, enjoy your family or friend’s company or hold a party. Freddy’s All-American Restaurant is located at Sarabia Manor Hotel and is open starting about 6 PM till the wee hours of the morning. For reservations, call 335 10 21.


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