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I am not a professional nor anything near that when it comes to applying make up. Perhaps I just happen to know the basics & can do theatrical make up thanks to years of performing & practice. Doing a few faces for some school publications, events & some pictorials are a part of my modest resume as the unofficial make up artist of my circle of friends & acquaintances. Not only am I happy with the output, but surprisingly, others as well.

Debisse (photo by Kiko Mabilog)

Nadine (photo by Maxinne Sentina)

I love fake lashes & matte solid colors. I do not wish to create my face as my canvass as I see it as vanity. I want to make someone look amazing in photos or events. However there are some occasions wherein I do my own make up. Nothing crazy for now, but I attempted to transform my lips into a kiwi. Lame camera, no lip brush & it was my first time, so go easy on me.

Attempting a Kiwi Kiss

Lame, I know. I’ll find time for a better entry on my minute make up skills. But just in case you like what you see, I do people’s make up for a very minimal fee.


3 comments on “Micro-Portfolio

  1. Kia O.
    April 17, 2010

    OMG! That’s my bestfriend (Debisse) right there! .. And the kiwi lips are pretty cool, Nang Jill.

  2. Kia O.
    April 22, 2010

    Right back at you!

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